I am a recent graduate from the UCF Film BFA program screenwriting track. While at UCF, I was involved with several groups on campus for movie-making and writing, including the Screenwriting Club and Film Club. My main focus is learning and improving myself and my skills, but in my spare time, I’m either watching movies or writing.
While at UCF, I have created four short films. When I bought my first camera, I decided to shoot my first project, The Songwriter, to get my feet wet making films and practice using that new camera. My second project, A Pleasant Walk on a Nice Day, was an idea I had wanted to make for a while, and was my first time directing a set. My third project, try to WRITE today!!!, was an opportunity to work on and learn about sound design and foley work. My fourth, Day Off, was an exploration of voice and styles that I appreciated in other directors I am influenced by. With each project I create, I try to have one main skill I work on and learn through it.
 I was a part of the Limbitless Solutions Scholars Program for about a year, working with the Public Relations team as a videographer and editor. Since joining, I have created seven videos for our team, including the pilot video for the Limbitless EDU project. As a filmmaker, one of my main interests is post-production, especially sound design, and my experience working with Limbitless Solutions has helped me tremendously with my own films.
I’ve been interested in writing for some time now. I remember trying to write a short novel in middle school, and coming back to revise it during sophomore year of high school. I remember a project in my high school psychology class that had us make a ten-minute film, and I remember the director and me being more invested in that project than anyone else. I remember late nights on Google Drive working on my first short film with a close friend, tweaking every other line to get it just right. I have been writing for a while, and I hope to keep writing for a long time.
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